As summer comes to an end, many of us are preparing for the new school year. Back-to-school sales are everywhere and before we know it, our home will be overwhelmed with papers coming home in their backpacks! Getting organized in advance helps with the drastic adjustment in schedules - like sleep schedules, meal schedules, etc. Try to re-introduce new bedtime routine at least a week before school starts. (We always say we'll start 2 weeks ahead...but it always ends up being just 1 week, if that before we get the new routines going). Lol. Waking the later sleepers earlier & earlier until they're getting up at the time they'll need to when school begins. Let's not forget meal times, especially for younger children. Try planning meals & snacks to accustom the to the school day routine. I don't know how your morning routines go, but ours can be pretty hectic. We cope by spending a little time each evening thinking ahead of how we can lighten the load for the following morning. Like, laying out the kid's clothes/outfit the night before & packing lunches the night before, and hep them pack their backpacks so they're ready to go the next morning. These are just a few tips that help our family adapt to the back to school routines. Happy new school year, hope you all have a great year!!