Traditions play a big role in many of our lives. Traditions add richness and meaning, but trying new things does too! One of my favorite holiday traditions is picking out a new ornament each year for our Christmas tree. My great grandma always had whole nuts in a bowl with crackers. I always had fun cracking them and picking the meat from the shells. A couple years ago a dear friend of mine (who knew of this special memory), found an old nut bowl complete with crackers and picks at a thrift store and bought it for me for Christmas. It is so special to me. My kids were thrilled these last couple years with cracking nuts and I look forward to continuing this family tradition. We also take one evening just ahead of Christmas to drive around and view Christmas light displays as a family, a lot of times just after the candlelight Christmas eve church service. We always make time to watch the old movie "It's a Wonderful Life". It was my dad's favorite holiday movie and it's become a new tradition for me since he passed away, to watch it every year.

I went around our office asking our team members what their favorite holiday traditions are:

"Family gatherings, making special family recipes, we always enjoy candlelight Christmas eve church service, and of course finding the pickle on the Christmas tree!" - Kay Bogle.

"Watching the movie Polar Express in our jammies as a family and having cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!" - Vanessa Barrett.

"Having a nice dinner on Christmas eve with family and making our traditional family recipes" - Michele Van Winkle

"Playing card games and board games with family is a long family tradition we all look forward to" - Lydia O'Keefe

"The annual family outing to the farm to choose a live Christmas tree and decorate it as a family" - Marianne Chesterman

"Spending time with family and making my great-grandma's coffee cake that everyone loves. The original recipe is actually written in German.  - Ryan Lunzmann

We are so grateful for our families, friends and traditions. Our greatest treasures are held within our hearts and homes. Lunzmann Realty wishes you all a blessed Christmas and all the best in 2019!  Please stop by our office today (Friday, December 7th) to say hello & visit, we have holiday music playing, hot coffee hot apple cider, donuts, pastries, cookies, and many more refreshments! Going on now until 6:00 p.m.