To attract the maximum number of buyers & increase your home's value, you want to offer a home that is move-in ready, won't require much updating or maintenance & gives potential buyers a great first impression. To accomplish this, grab your tool belt & work your way down this list!

1. CLEAN. The least expensive thing any seller can do before marketing their home is do a deep-cleaning of every surface of your home. Don't skimp! Yes, this means you have to clean your windows inside and out! And don't forget to clean under the stove & refrigerator!

2. PAINT. Paint the exterior of your home! If you have Vinyl siding or a Brick home, power wash it - especially the north side (where some homes see little daylight & can cause a gray/green film). If you are painting remember you want your home to appeal to the majority of buyers, so neutral is key! A fresh exterior will look cleaner & more modern.

3. FLOORING. Your home's floors need to be clean. They should tie the home together & flow seamlessly from one room to the next. Be sure to steam clean carpets. Wash/wax hardwood floors, laminate, & vinyl. Clean the grout on tile floors! If you notice a hole, stain or deep scratches, consider removing & replacing the flooring in that room. Ask your favorite local flooring store about availability of large remnants (leftover materials from large jobs that may fit a single room).

4. LANDSCAPING & OUTDOOR LIGHTING. You can turn a tired looking yard into an inviting space by simply installing mulch, plants, flowers, &/or trees. Be aware of how your home looks after dark, when many buyers are out cruising the streets scoping out homes & neighborhoods. Have your outdoor lights ON & install new outdoor lighting if needed. This will enhance the home's ambiance after dark & may be just enough to catch a buyer's eye!

5. WINDOWS & DOORS. If you home is a little more "mature" than others on the market, considering replacing old windows & doors with stylish & more efficient alternatives. This may attract buyers that may otherwise pass on your home without even seeing the interior!

6. KITCHEN & BATH. If your kitchen or bath needs a facelift. Consider replacing your cabinetry hardware & plumbing/lighting fixtures. Clean tile grout in showers & back splashes, Re-caulk the shower/tub, Clean exhaust fans. If you notice any chipped sinks or tubs, these may be worth replacing. If there are any scratches or burn marks on your counter tops, consider replacing them as well. Keep in mind, your home only has to be COMPARABLE to your neighbor's homes - it doesn't necessarily have to surpass them!

7. ROOF. To avoid a deal-breaking inspection report, now may be the best time to have a contractor take a look. Lenders often require that a roof have at least 3 to 5 years of life expectancy remaining. Be ahead of the game & get this checked out before marketing your home!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be. Simply pick 1 or 2 items on this list that fit in your budget & work you way down the list! Our brokerage would love to work with you if you are considering selling. Feel free to give us a call anytime. We have Realtors that are on-call 24/7. Call us for Everything real estate. (402) 274-1211.

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