Please stay safe this winter!! Electric-powered portables are the only unvented space heaters safe to use indoors. That's because they don't fill your living space with undesirable combustion products like carbon monoxide, which can be generated by liquid-fueled heaters. But, the convenience & compact size of electric heaters come with a tradeoff - Extra diligence and careful operation are required to help prevent fires, injuries, and property damage. The most significant safety risk is placing electric heaters too close to combustible materials like bedding, furniture, drapes, carpets, or clothing. Keep these materials at least 3 feet away from the heater, and prevent anything from getting to close and blocking the release of heat. This could overheat the motor, switch or the wires and cause a fire. Never drape garments over the heater like gloves, hats, pants, etc. They're designed to heat a space, not dry clothes!

Kids and pets are particularly vulnerable to injuries caused by portable heaters. Children and pets are unpredictable, so keep a child & pet free zone around your portable heater. Do not operate a space heater with a nearby child in a crib or pet in a crate/kennel. They can become overheated while confined. Never leave a portable heater unattended. Turn off the portable heater before going to sleep or leaving the room or house. Never plug heaters into extension cords or power strips, it puts too much resistance on the power draw, raising the temperature at the plug. Understand the electrical capacity of your residence, old wiring or electrical work that's not up to modern standards can be a driver in heater malfunctions. It's important to remember portable heater's limitations. They should never be used as a primary or permanent source of heat! They are great for a supplemental heat source and come in handy in a pinch. Be sure your electric portable heater is rated and listed for the use you intend and be sure it's being used in a safe and responsible manner. Please keep yourself and your family safe & warm this winter!