There's never quite enough time, right? Many of us have overly demanding days where there is not much downtime. Here are a few tips to squeeze an extra hour out of your day.

1. Do ONE thing at a time. Some of us are great multitaskers, but but doing too many things at once is actually less productive. So, you're to-do list keeps getting longer as the day goes on! Set aside time to focus on ONE task & finish it before moving on.

2. Learn to say NO! The easiest way to keep something off your to-do list is to not put it on there in the first place.

3. Delegate. Sure, you can do everything yourself, but your time may be better used on other activities. Get good help, then delegate.

4. Automate. Look at tasks you do repeatedly. Are you still doing them by hand? You can probably do them faster & better with a cloud-based application such as paying recurring bills.

5. Make a List. Organize tomorrow's tasks at the end of the day, so that in the morning you can dive right in the next morning!

Take this extra hour of each day to do what's important to you. "How we spend our time is the clearest expression of what we value" - McLetchie. Whether you spend that time on fitness, spending time with family or friends, or just getting an hour of sleep at night, making time for your health & relationships you value may make you a happier person. "Research has proven that when we cultivate a healthful way of being in our whole life, we show up better at work. We are more productive. We are more innovative" - McLetchie.