Fall is my favorite time of year with the seasons change, leaves falling, and the pumpkins! I love pumpkins!  But how do you choose a good pumpkin? Avoid pumpkins with soft spots or cuts, which lead to early decay. I like to the jumbo size pumpkins because it give me room to carve and get creative! I do suggest waiting until a few days ahead of Halloween to do your carving. Once you cut into the pumpkin, the decay process begins. However, if you dip the entire pumpkin in a 1/10 bleach water solution PRIOR to cutting, it kills any fungus & bacteria & will slow the decay process down and will also slow the process of fruit rot. Once you carve your pumpkin, spray the cut edges with the bleach solution too. You can also cut the back or bottom of the pumpkin, rather than the traditional top getting cut, just something different. Please do NOT use a real candle, use a battery operated tealight  - they offer equal scare factor! And don't forget to save the seeds - they are awesome roasted in the oven with spices! A carved pumpkin should not be eaten after a day or two, they can get contaminated by bacteria or even peed on by animals! Please avoid putting them in the garage where they will end up in landfills. The safest method is a compost pile if one is available. Choose your pumpkin wisely, follow these safety tips & carve your heart out! Have a safe & happy Halloween from Lunzmann Realty!