Ready for spring & thinking about planting some flowers? Here are some ideas that are low maintenance & will bring color to your garden or landscape!

1. Clematis is a bright flowering vine the blooms in early spring or late summer depending on the species. If you have the type that blooms in early spring, you don't need to prune it, if you have the type that blooms in late summer, you may need to cut it back a foot in height to prevent it from blooming only at the top.

2. Lavender likes hot, dry summer heat & doesn't require a lot of water. It  blooms late June to August & smells amazing!

3. Hosta is a shade tolerant plant that that are mostly green, but can be variegated with white or yellow, has small white flowers that bloom early summer or late fall, depending on temperatures.

4. Delphinium is colorful, blooms in early spring. It can grow quite tall. The taller it is, the more fragile the stems will be. This should be planted where it's sheltered from the wind.

5. Peony with the giant blooms are gorgeous, but they can attract ants, so don't plant them close to your house! Peony like the heat, but also afternoon shade. They may take 1-3 years to bloom b/c the roots have to be established before it will bloom. Planting these in the fall is best so the roots have a chance to establish before the summer heat. They bloom late April to June & last a week to 10 days.

It's fun to aim for a variety of plants & flowers that bloom in different seasons. It's nice to see continuous color, texture & smell. Maybe try planting a couple varieties that bloom in each season & space them out in your garden or landscape to beautiful your space! Happy spring!!